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    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

The EDAG Tech Day at the Lindholmen Conference Centre

On Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 EDAG’s Swedish customers had the chance to get an exclusive peek into the future of mobility.

The Tech Day exhibition was divided into two areas, one for exhibits and the other for workshops. Almost 60 participants could compare notes on the latest trends and technologies in automotive development with our EDAG experts from Germany and Sweden.

The highlight of the exhibition was the “EDAG Light Cocoon”. EDAG designers took nature as their inspiration for the ultimate, lightweight design of this concept car. The leaf of a plant served as the blueprint for the innovative design of the body shell. Instead of using classic lightweight materials such as aluminium, carbon or magnesium, the Cocoon has an organic skeleton structure in which material is only actually used in areas where it is absolutely necessary for safety and stability. This structure was realized by the help of latest additive manufacturing technologies. Just like the structure of a leaf, which has a lightweight outer skin stretched over it, a lightweight protective skin covers the “EDAG Light Cocoon” – though in this case, it is made of a textile fabric.

Furthermore, the exhibition was completed by several examples of technology which showed that the combination of bionic design and additive manufacturing is not just pure Utopia, and that these could soon become reality. For instance, the company presented a combination of additively manufactured body nodes and extruded sections for future body structures. This extremely flexible, load path-optimised spaceframe structure is an attractive solution that will enable the wide variety of derivatives, variants and drive concepts to be managed economically in the future. With the first fully functional, ready-for-approval, additively manufactured model of a headlight and a cooling plate for an on-board charger housing that has also been printed, EDAG documented the potential of additive manufacturing methods for the near automotive future.

But the EDAG Group’s portfolio even goes one step further and includes both: the product as well as the production engineering. With its long standing experience EDAG took the opportunity to position itself as a General Engineering Partner to the Swedish customers who is qualified to offer all kinds of services regarding efficient production systems from a single source. The company integrates the idea of industry 4.0 with networked operations and cooperating robots. EDAG understands this as the systematic, horizontal networking of the digital and the real world, of product development and production systems in a value chain from the supplier to the end customer. On the customer’s way to industry 4.0, EDAG demonstrated how to build up a space frame which takes methods and elements of industry 4.0 into account.

The second part of the EDAG Tech Day took part in the Workshop area. The customers had the chance to participate in one of the following three workshops: “Future Design”, “When your car becomes your personal companion” and - as already mentioned above - “The way to industry 4.0”.

With the Tech Day EDAG’s swedish team underlined, that they are a competent engineering partner for future vehicles and production plants.